Cocoa Beans

Cocoa Beans are extracted from Cocoa Pod. Its fruit is very sweet and beans are found inside the fruit. We at Galaxy extract the seeds from the pod and refine them. Chocolates are made using cocoa beans and we export these beans to many chocolate making industries around the world. Our beans are known for its sweetness as we gather the pods from regions famous for its growth. We import it from South America and export to Asian and African countries.


Bean count: Max. 105 beans per 100 gram 

Moisture: Max. 8% 

Mouldy : Max. 5% 

Defective Flat & germinated & infested : Max. 6% 

Defective : Max. 4% 

FFA : Max. 1% 

Packing : 65-70 kg jute bags, one 20 FCL container can take up 
to 240 bags. 

- From October to December 
- From April to June