Peanuts is another most popular snack around the world. We export peanuts around the globe. We make sure that the crops that come from the fields are properly checked and tested and then the process moves on under the supervision. We export raw peanuts, boiled and dry roasted peanuts in proper packaging and weight as per our client’s requirement.


Type: Spanish 

Variety: 55 437 

Moisture: 9% maximum 

Damaged kernels: Max. 0.15% 

Foreign matters: Max. 0.20% 

Afflation: 5 ppb B1 and 10 ppb in total 

FFA: Max. 0,75 % 

Packing : 50 kg polypropylene bags, one 20 FCL container 
can take up to 360 bags. 

From November to June: Senegal and Guinea Bissau 

Origin: Senegal and Guinea Bissau.